All ice machines grow mold

Never serve moldy ice again!

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Ice machines create the perfect environment for mold, bacteria, and scale. We remove it. If you own a commercial ice machine, you need Safe Ice.

Mold & Scale

Our process sanitizes and descales the entire machine

Set It & Forget It

Scheduled cleanings will keep your ice mold free

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Safe Ice Certification

When you have clean, beautiful ice, let everyone know about it!

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Ice machines we maintain rarely breakdown

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We take care of our customers. Period.

Our Services

Ice Machine Cleaning Service

We perform a comprehensive cleaning on your ice machine, including a full breakdown of the machine to sanitize and descale all components. Become Safe Ice Certified with this service.

Refrigeration Preventive Maintenance

Tired of needless breakdowns? Tired of your existing company not showing up or doing a poor job? Have Safe Ice maintain your refrigeration with our 8-point inspection. We steam clean!

About Safe Ice

Back in 2012, while repairing an ice machine at a restaurant in town, Fred McAllen invited his grandmother to meet him there for lunch. During the repair, Fred was disgusted at the shocking amount of mold in the ice machine and could not believe the ice was being used.

Knowing the public, including his grandmother, was consuming moldy ice, Fred started Safe Ice and immediately began a certification program to show the public where mold free ice can be found. Those locations are Safe Ice Certified Locations.


Ice machines are a vital part of the foodservice industy. Safe Ice has cleaned machines in a wide range of dining facilities.


Your customers check-in, grab the ice bucket, and head to the ice machine. Let us make sure it serves mold free ice.

Many More

Movie theatres, country clubs, nursing homes, and corporate offices. If you have an ice machine, we want to clean it!

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